Family Ties

Family Ties

Important to Memorial's History and Success

For 60 years, Memorial has been caring for generations of families, but families are also important when it comes to treating patients and keeping Memorial running smoothly. Joan Biekert, an executive assistant at Memorial Hospital Belleville, has a number of relatives who work or have worked for Memorial and BJC HealthCare in a variety of positions.

Joan Bierket

Biekert has worked at Memorial for 35 years, starting as a clerk typist with the Physical Therapy Department, and as she says, “The rest is history.” 

When it comes to what Biekert enjoys most about working at Memorial, she mentioned, “The opportunity for growth, the people I work with, and the convenience of working close to home.” 

It was Biekert’s first super-visor, Marge Litteken, who told her to challenge herself and seek other job opportuni-ties within Memorial. These are the same reasons that Biekert recommends Memo-rial to her family. “I encour-age my daughters to seek employment at Memorial and feel by working here they’ve gained a good base to begin their careers—learning good work ethics and customer service skills,” Biekert said. 

“I am very proud that several of my sisters currently work here or have worked here in the past,” Biekert added. “Now that we are part of the BJC family I have even more sisters and a niece I can call my co-workers too!”

Joan's Family

Terri Hottenrott, Sister
Current position: physical therapy assistant, Memorial Hospital Belleville
39 years of service

Cheryl Michael, Sister
Current position: speech therapist, Memorial Hospital Belleville
8 years of service

Maria Watts, Sister
Current position: division administrator for the American Board of Nuclear Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
6 years of service
Previous positions: several roles, most recently as an office manager for Diagnostic Imaging Services
8 years of service

Margie Werner, Sister
Current position: staff nurse, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
37 years of service

Abigail Bierkert, Daughter
Current position: registered respiratory therapist, Children’s Hospital
2 years of service
Previous position: sales clerk/Gift Shop, Memorial Hospital Belleville
5 years of service

Annette Middendorf, Daughter
Current position: administrative assistant, Memorial Care Center Rehab Department
10 years of service

Brittany Hottenrott, Niece
Current position: staff nurse, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
2 years of service

Memorial Family

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